Welcome to Studio Viva

Hi, I’m Louise and I run Studio Viva. If you are looking at our website you are probably looking to see if we could help you with your fitness needs.

Well, if you want to feel more toned, lose weight, want to be able to get up easier, lose inches, feel better about yourself, improve your fitness and mobility, want to feel less stiff, see an improvement in health conditions, including arthritis, osteoporosis and mental health – then you have come to the RIGHT place.

However, if you are someone looking to train for a marathon, pump iron, likes cardio machines or enjoys Cross Fit style training, I’m afraid we are NOT right for you. But thanks for looking.

We deliver results for our members in just 30 minutes, so its really easy to fit into your day. We are passionate about making women feel good about themselves and providing them with a friendly, encouraging environment in which to keep fit. We would love to discuss your induvial needs and see if we can help you. So why not book a free consultation with me today by clicking below. I look forward to talking to you.

What to Expect when you Join

About Us

Studio Viva was born when another ladies’ gym in Cowbridge closed suddenly. Some of the members of the old gym were desperate not to lose the facility they valued so much, so they came together to form Studio Viva and run it as a co-operative. It took just 6 months for this team of formidable women to create Studio Viva, which opened on 6th November 2017.

Today the studio is run by MD Louise Shakespeare and a fantastic team of fitness instructors, with the help and support of the original founding ladies. We are really proud of the welcoming, inclusive environment we have created for women of all ages and love helping women to feel better and achieve their own fitness goals. 

So whatever you want to achieve, whether that’s getting up more easily, to losing some weight or toning up those bingo wings, we can help. The whole team looks forward to welcoming you Studio Viva Ladies Fitness.

Virtual Tour

Click below to explore the studio. Drag with the left mouse button to rotate the camera, and click an arrow or ring icon to move there.