Bounce Back Bootcamp

Studio Viva is the home of Bounce Back Bootcamp. Our female only, outdoor bootcamp that deliver proven results for real women, just like you.  Don’t let the word ‘bootcamp’ put you off. It is most definitely NOT army style training, rolling around in the mud with super fit young things.  This is a Bootcamp for real women who want to feel better about themselves and want to have fun exercising.  If you want to improve your fitness, lose weight and/or inches, improve your physical & mental health and be part of an awesome group of women – then Bootcamp is for you.

Bootcamp includes:

Typically, 9-hour long training sessions per week. With sessions in the morning, afternoon, evening and at weekends.

No limit on the amount of sessions you can do (we recommend a minimum of 3 per week).

Average calorie burn of around 400 calories per session.

Covid safe outdoor workouts in the fresh air.

Tons of encouragement, support and individual attention from our instructors.

Exercises that can be adapted for all abilities, ages and fitness level.

Friendship, fun, laughter and that feel good factor at every session.

Inclusive, super friendly group who want you to succeed.

Lively WhatsApp and private Facebook group.

Improvements to your current exercise level and technique. Many of our ladies find their abs for the first time in their lives!!!

All for just £60 per month!!!